Mission Partners at Magdalen Road Church

Although every member of our church family is involved in God’s mission in the world, we have a number of members engaged in cross-cultural ministry whom we have set aside specifically as mission partners.  We have commissioned them, covenanted to pray for them and, in some cases, support them financially.


Ida and David Coffey

Ida is the Director at the Centre for Muslim-Christian Studies in East Oxford, where she is responsible for the academic and research activities of the Centre.  

David works in communication and fundraising to support the CMCS and other Bible colleges working in majority Muslim contexts.
Ida  David Coffey
Peter and Lisa Vernon

Peter & Lisa are bringing Christ’s love to vulnerable people – in asylum seeker detention centres, prisons and in the local community.  They are part of Cowley Church Community.
Peter  Lisa Vernan
Anna Vines

Anna is a physiotherapist and Director of Enable the Children in Freetown, Sierra Leone. In a country where there is severe stigma on children with disabilities, Enable the Children provides physiotherapy treatment, equipment, training for families and hope.
Anna Vines
Richard and Catherine Weston

Richard & Catherine are helping churches and agencies worldwide to develop ministry amongst international students.  
Richard  Catherine Weston
Serving in the Middle East

In education. Please contact champion Ruth Currie for more information
Serving in the Middle East

In the academy and in refugee support. Please contact champion Emily Grieg for more information
Dan   Carol


‘Champions’ serve as a link between their designated partner overseas and the home congregation. 

Please see our Mission Policy and The Barnabas Group for more details as to how this works.

September 2016