Old Schoolhouse - Prayers and praises (22/3)

Please consider the points below as you pray for the Old Schoolhouse team and process this week.

Important sales for the Old Schoolhouse
  • Praise God! We have this week accepted an offer for 5 Fern Hill Road, the Magdalen Road Church Manse. This is great news as it will allow us to pay of a large chunk of the loan we took out to pay for the Irving Building.
  • Praise God that the Chapel is now on the market. It is likely to be on the market for 8-10 weeks to allow interested parties (many of whom are charities) to put together bids. Pray that the sale of this building might generate good money for us to develop the Old Schoolhouse site.

Community Relations
  • We are having a number of different meetings with groups in the community. These can be difficult as we listen to concerns that local residents and groups have, but important as we do really want the building to bless and serve them. Pray especially for John Perkins and Pat who are involved in many of the meetings to have love, wisdom, and grace as they talk with people.
  • Pray for good and clear communications with interested parties in the community.

The design of the Old Schoolhouse
  • Pray for the design of church hall: incorporating the concerns of local residents, the council, and other bodies as well potentially as financial constraints presents the challenge that our hopes and aspirations for the new church building will be squeezed and minimised. Pray that God would reign in this process and that we would know how to act in this process.
  • Pray for the submission of the pre-application for planning following the withdrawal of our initial application. This is dragging on longer than we had hoped, pray for all involved to pull this together (hopefully next week). Pray that God would reign and guide in this whole process.
  • MEB are putting together a piece of work to look at different options for the location of the church hall after concerns were raised by local residents. Pray this would be helpful and God would be central in this process.

  • Praise God for some great work by Harriet and Genevieve into different cafe models as we consider different options for a cafe in the Old Schoolhouse building. Pray that God would continue to lead and inspire this.

  • Praise God for good progress on fundraising applications and some warm responses. Pray God would continue to lead this process forward.Pray for wisdom in working out realistic targets in the process.