Old Schoolhouse - A Building and People to bless our neighbours (12/4)

Please consider the points below as you pray for the Old Schoolhouse team and process this week.

Community relations
  • Praise God for ongoing opportunities to speak with different people in the community. Pray that he would continue to open doors for us to speak to the right people.
  • Pray for communication with the parents of the Comper Foundation School (which is next to the Old Schoolhouse site). A number of local residents (including members of the Comper board) have concerns about the church's plans. Pray for Pat, John, Liz, and Martin as they draft a communication for the Head of Comper. May it be warm, truthful, and non-defensive.
  • Pray for ongoing communication with the informal 'Friends of Irving' community group. John Perkins had a meeting with them last Friday. Pray the Lord would open their eyes to the broader vision/purpose behind our plans, and that he would bless them and their families.

  • We were advised to withdraw our first application and are hoping to submit the second pre-application to the city council next week. Pray for John Perkins & his team working on final details.
  • Pray the Lord would open channels of communication with the key people in the city council planning department that we might find favour in the eyes of the key decision makers. 
  • Pray for the sale of 5 Fern Hill Road (the Magdalen Road Manse) for which we have accepted an offer, and legal aspects seem to be going well so far.
  • Pray for the sale of the Church Building which is currently on the market. A number of people have been in to look at the building.
  • Praise God for progress on trust applications, and pray that God would grant favour and guidance to these applications (and our fundraising in general).

  • Praise God for opening a line of communication between the head of community centres in Oxford City Council and Pat. He contacted us to hear more of the plans for the Old Schoolhouse and to tell us about their plans for East Oxford Community Centre. Beyond our plans for the building, this is an answer to prayer as we seek to better serve & reach Oxford.
  • Pray the Lord would sustain those carrying significant burdens in this process, that none would be crushed or lost to the project and the Lord would raise up others willing to serve on the working groups. Pray especially for the fundraising team, the prayer team, and the moving in team.