'A Hunger for God': 24-hour prayer (2nd-3rd March)

The 24-hour prayer is almost upon us. 

As a community at Magdalen Road Church we want to be a people who depend completely on and love God in prayer. This is why we think it's good to set aside dedicated time as a community to seek God's face, to welcome his Spirit to lead us, and to ask for his help in different areas of the church's life (including the building of and the vision around the Old Schoolhouse) as well as our personal lives.

This 24-hour prayer will be under the theme of 'a Hunger for God', and some of us will be fasting if you would like to join. For some of us fasting won't be practical or wise, though we might consider giving up our smartphones, social media, or TV. There's nothing magical about this, but fasting (be it from food or TV) is about sacrificing a regular activity in order to devote ourselves more fully to God. It's a way of saying to God: 'my deepest hunger is for you', as well as making that our prayer.

As with previous prayer times we will be putting together a booklet with ideas of things to pray for different parts of the church's life, mission partners, and other ministries in Oxford. We will be preparing a space upstairs in the small meeting room (for silent prayer & meditation), as well as downstairs in the back room.

We would love you to join for as much as you are able and for you to sign up when you plan to be there, but feel free to pop in and out at any point whether or not you have signed up. The sign-up sheet can be found here.

If you have any questions please feel free to get in touch with John or Christine Fenning (07971 518590 / 07934 658295 / john.fenning@gmail.com).

John & Christine
On behalf of the prayer team (Ian Flanders, Tom Hunter, Grace Jamieson, and John & Christine)