An Old Schoolhouse Update 

Although there have been very few updates concerning the progress with plans to redevelop the Old Schoolhouse since our excellent meeting on Sunday afternoon at the end of January, behind the scenes a LOT has been happening! 
The mini Steering Group has been active in thinking through a re-booting of how we manage the process of redevelopment and how we make decisions on our use of the space as now that MRC has moved into the Old Schoolhouse. Much of this was prompted by the energy and feedback from our wider church meeting on the 26th January. Paradoxically being out of the building in the lockdown has give us the opportunity re-think how we move back together as MRC-in-the-Old Schoolhouse. 
We will be contacting you all soon to share some of these proposals and to invite you to engage and input in this process as members together in the whole body. However for now, the big news is that we are hoping to re-submit our plans for the redevelopment to the planning department in the next 4-8 weeks. We had hoped to hold a consultation face-to-face in the building prior to our re-submission. However, due to Covid-19 this will no longer be possible. So, we will be doing the consultation on-line and based mostly on our website. 
Please pray for the mini Steering Group and wider Steering Group who are working on various aspects of the preparation for this consultation. Remember we don't just pray for the work, prayer is the work!

Give thanks and pray especially for:

John Perkins (liaising with the professional team);
Martin Groth (liaising with lawyers);
James and Liz (leading our soft re-launch of the MRC-OS process);
Simon Jarrett and others working on our website;
Tom Hunter leading the team working on our communication to the community;
Andrew Newell, Jill Bain and Rebekah Nicholl working on our re-engagement with Trust funding applications.

Please prayerfully consider how you can get involve and mobilise others in East Oxford in responding positively to our plans when we re-submit them.