Call to Fast & Pray 

As we have now submitted our planning application for the Old Schoolhouse to the City Council, it is an appropriate time for us to again commit ourselves and this project to the Lord in a time of prayer and fasting, over the coming six weeks.

This has been a long and winding road that dates back to the early 2000s when we outgrew the old chapel and began meeting at the School on Meadow Lane. As we wait now to hear back from the Council we are reminded that we are not in control. As we were thinking last Sunday it is a time when we, like Jehosophat, can look to our God who is in control of all things (2 Chronicles 20v6). Though we do not know what the future will hold our eyes, like Jehosophat, are on Him (v12).

Significant junctures in the history of God's people are often accompanied by prayer and fasting. For example, the church fasted and prayed before sending out Paul and Barnabas (Acts 13), and God's people fasted and prayed before Esther approached the king to save the Jews from genocide (Esther 4v15-17). But aside from seeking God's favour and guidance, fasting is also something that declares to God that our deepest hunger is for Him (see Psalm 63). For some of us, fasting from food will be unwise or impractical, but perhaps fasting from our phones, TV, social media, or another part of our lives would be helpful to us.

We think it is a privilege to be able to dedicate ourselves and this project to the Lord at this time and we hope you will join in in whatever way you can. Here are some ideas:

- A number of us are setting aside Tuesday mornings as a time to fast and pray, you could join or pick a day that suits you.
- Find another person to pray with for this on a regular basis over the next six weeks.
- Dedicate time in your homegroups to praying for this recommitment.
- Join prayer events: Thursday morning prayer, First Tuesday, and other opportunities in the coming weeks.
- Keep your eyes on the Prayer Page on the Church website for thoughts and ideas:
- A short, weekly email over the next six weeks.
- Set aside Saturday 17th October as a day for prayer and fasting (more details to come).

You may have ideas or thoughts of your own, please do share these with John and Christine Fenning (