Editors and Techies needed - especially Video Editors 

As we continue to meet on Zoom and start to gather in person, we need more people who can help with pre-recording worship songs, managing Zoom services, and PA for services in person. If you're already skilled or willing to learn, please do get in touch with Jordan or the church office.

Jordan says: We are putting together the rota for worship recordings over this coming term and if you have any of the following skills and would be willing to serve in this way it would be massively appreciated!

1. Video recording (someone there on the day who has and can operate a DSLR camera to record the video)
2. Audio editing (taking the raw recordings done by me and mixing it, then bouncing into a WAV file for the video editors – you’ll need Protools/ any other DAW)
3. Video editing (adding lyrics and syncing the audio – can be done simply on iMovie (I can show people how) or on a more sophisticated programme if you have it)