Reaching Out

"We believe that all people need a relationship with God, and in order for that to happen they must hear the good news about Jesus' death for our sins, and his resurrection for our hope. We believe that God intends his church to be a beacon of hope in a dark world. We aim to serve, love, and speak in the name of Christ so that through us, people may trust Christ and find the joy of salvation."

(From The church we want to be)


In order to do this we have a number of initiatives by which we hope to display the glory of Jesus to the peoples of East Oxford and the world through word, service and community.


We seek to serve others together as an active expression of love and concern to demonstrate the love that Christ has for people. The Comfort Trust is a semi-independent initiative which aims to provide practical support for local families.


Jesus called us to live together in communities of love and it is into this setting that we can invite others and make them feel welcome. One activity which embraces this sense of community is our film club, Reel Life, in which people of all beliefs and none gather to watch a film and discuss what it has to say about real life.


In our life together we believe that the word of God must be absolutely central in what is preached, in our words to one another, and, as we have opportunity, in what we say to those who do not know Christ. Through the Doorway initiative we are committed to providing regular informal opportunities to find out more about Jesus.

To the world

As a local church we want to have a global vision - reaching out not only to the peoples of East Oxford but also to the whole world through World Mission. One of the ways we seek to do this is by supporting a number of people who are involved in reaching out beyond the limits of our church.