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A series of meditations for the season of Lent starting on 17th February. 
Day 52: Act 3:1-10
What difference does the good news of Jesus Christ make to those in need? One day Peter and John were going up to the temple at the time of prayer… (v1) Going up to pray was something that Jews would regularly do, as we would regularly go to church or attend the prayer meeting or home group, it’s what they did. Everyone that went would always pass this man who was lame from birth begging (v2) He got some money from those who walked passed but nothing that brought real change to his situation. Then on this particular day Peter and John, now apostles of the Lord Jesus commissioned to proclaim the good news of Jesus, pass him (v3) They have no money to give but they have something better – healing and life in Jesus name (v6-8). This man’s healing through his faith in Jesus (v16) is a picture of the wonderful fruit of knowing the good news of Jesus. It resulted in him praising God and no longer needing to beg. What can we offer to the world in need? Money? Shelter? Food? But also eternal life in Jesus Christ.


Andy Taylor, 09/04/2021

Day 51: Acts 2:42-47
The Day of Pentecost was an incredible day when 3,000 people became believers in and followers of Jesus Christ. Can you imagine Church the next Sunday morning? Suddenly they had church building issues overnight. As people joined the church through repentance (Acts 2v38-41) this short section at the end of Acts 2 shows us what happened next. All these lives that were changed were no longer individuals but they were now family. These six verses describe the unity and love among this new community of believers.
Notice three things: They worshiped together (v42-43). Their priority was to gather around the Bible as it was taught by the apostles, hungry for what the Lord had to say. They shared life together (v44-45). Their relationships were so close that everyone knew what the needs of everyone else were. This verse doesn’t necessarily mean that all of our possessions now belong to everyone else, but that no one went without as people were willing to give for sake of others. They fellowshipped together (v46-47). Food and fellowship are two of the benefits of being part of the Christian family I like most. As we encourage and build one another up we can testify to God’s goodness and rejoice in his blessing among us. Is this your church experience? If not how can we move towards it?


Andy Taylor, 08/04/2021

Day 50: Acts 1:1-11
Put yourself in the shoes of the disciples. Jesus is about to leave and go into heaven and he tells you this. “…you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the ends of the earth.’ What would have gone through your mind? “Who, us? We can’t do that? Travel all around the world? Go to Samaria? Tell the Gentiles? The task seemed crazy and out of their comfort zone; impossible to do in their own strength. But we can thank God that before Jesus said these words he also said these, “…you will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes on you;” As we read the book of Acts we see this commission coming true. The gospel spread from Jerusalem, to Judea and Samaria and it even began its journey to other parts of the world.
Although the ‘Acts of the Apostles’ ended at chapter 28 the ‘Acts of the Church’ have continued on for 2000 years. As you study world history you see how the gospel spread throughout Europe and the north western hemisphere; and although in relative decline here right now, it’s exploding in what we call the ‘Global South’ – Africa, Asia and South America. Spend some time praising God that his commission in Acts 1 is still in action today and pray that the gospel would reignite our own lands once again too.


Andy Taylor, 07/04/2021

Day 49: Luke 24:36-53
As the disciples and the women with them sat confused and bewildered talking about Jesus’ death and then apparent resurrection, there he stood right in the middle of them. (v36) Now that they had seen his flesh and bones and had touched his wounds and seen him eat they knew that he was not a ghost but the real deal. (v37-43) Oh how they must have had so many questions, so much to learn. How they must have wanted Jesus to stay forever and never leave them again. But Jesus was only going to be with them for another 40 days because he had to ascend into Heaven so the Holy Spirit would come.
Jesus gave them a massive commission – to proclaim the forgiveness of sins to all nations, but he wasn’t going to leave them alone. Although Jesus wasn’t going to be with them in the flesh forever, he would be with each and every one of them by the Holy Spirit; which was better by far. For as they spread out proclaiming the good news to all nations, Jesus could still go with them wherever they went. Give thanks that he has not left you on your own, but is with you wherever you go by his Spirit.


Andy Taylor, 06/04/2021

Day 48: Luke 24:13-35
This is one of my favourite passages of scripture. It is only a short narrative but it tells us what the whole Bible is all about. Everything that we read in the Old Testament as well as the New - all the stories, history, poems and prophecies all point towards Jesus. They are there to inform us of what God did in Israel’s history but they are also there to teach us about Jesus. His life, death and resurrection are pictured for us there. They were no accident, no ordinary events but are the central point in the world’s history and as we today look back to those times as we study the Bible we are changed as the Holy Spirit teaches us how to live for Jesus in the here and now.
I hope that you’ve been enjoying these Lent Devotions so far. How has your relationship with Jesus changed over these weeks? Think about the reaction of these disciples as they listened to Jesus open up the scriptures to them (v30-32). Their eyes were opened and their hearts burned within them. Have you felt a burning in your heart as you’ve spent time with the Lord each day? Has your faith grown, your love for him deepened, your joy in Christ increased? Pray that it would more and more as you read the Word of God. 


Andy Taylor, 05/04/2021