Junior Church and Crèche

Magdalen Road Church has an active children's ministry which seeks to develop the faith of children of all ages through the teaching of the Bible, prayer, music and fun. We also seek to reach out to the children in the community with the good news about Jesus through various activities.



Babies and toddlers up to the age of three.  Toys, singing, stories and snacks!



This group is for pre-school children aged three to four. The aim of this group is to teach these little children about God and to start them on the journey to learning about who Jesus is and how they can be his friends.

The Bible is presented in a fun and engaging way through the use of story-boards, puppets, drama, crafts and games to enable the children to understand who God is.



This group is for children in years one, two and three at school. This group aims to teach the children more about who God is and what Jesus has done for them. It aims to see children who don't just have knowledge about the Bible, but whose lives are changed by Jesus as they learn to trust in him.

We want to see these children beginning to apply the Bible to their lives at home and at school so that they can begin to be witnesses for Christ wherever they are.



This group is for children in school years four, five and six. In this group we want to see children growing in their relationship with God and seeking to question and understand more about Him. The teaching allows children to really think about how the Bible should make a difference to their lives.


Xplore is a group for 11-14 year olds that aims to challenge and deepen younger teenagers' understanding of God, the Bible and the Christian life. We spend time each week looking at the Bible together and asking tough questions about what it really means for someone to follow Jesus; we pray for one another; we get to know one another through games, quizzes and relaxing together. Occasionally we head into the main service as a group to listen to the sermon, and then we talk about what we made of it the following week. Xplore is designed to bridge the gap between junior church and the main church service, to help us see that the gospel makes sense, and to open our eyes to Jesus as the most important and wonderful person we could ever know.



Child Protection Policy

Magdalen Road Church operates a Child Protection Policy which sets out how the church must organise itself to provide a safe environment so children and young people in our care can feel safe and happy as they take part in their various activities. To this end we ask that parents complete a Parental Consent Form every September for each child attending Junior Church and Creche - you can download the form here.