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Paving the Way Home 10. The blessing and the curse (download)
David Dent, 11/11/2018
Unimpressive? 10. Generosity (download)
Dan Steel, 11/11/2018
World Mission Sunday : What on earth is God doing in Europe? (download)
Jim Memory, 04/11/2018
World Mission Sunday: When what God is doing doesn't make sense (download)
Jim Memory, 04/11/2018
Paving the way home 9. The drama of a Sabbath-shaped calendar (download)
David Dent, 28/10/2018
Unimpressive? 9. Repentence (download)
Dan Steel, 28/10/2018
Paving the Way Home 8. Communicating holiness (download)
David Dent, 21/10/2018
Unimpressive? 8. A ministry that endures (download)
Dan Steel, 21/10/2018
Paving the way home 7. The God who makes his people holy (download)
Charlie Currie, 14/10/2018
Unimpressive? 7. A ministry that reconciles (download)
Dan Steel, 14/10/2018
Paving the Way Home 6. Drawing near (download)
David Dent, 07/10/2018
Unimpressive? 6. A ministry with the end in view (download)
Lewis Green, 07/10/2018
Paving the way home 5. How to get clean (download)
Dan Steel, 30/09/2018

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