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This page lists recent sermons. For earlier sermons search all sermon files by keyword, speaker or Bible passage or visit  the Sermon Archive where sermon series can be found in Bible book order.

Not ashamed #1 ... to share our humanity (download)
Phil Bailey, 27/11/2022
World Church Sunday : God expanded Peter's welcome & witness (download)
Jason is Director of Ministries in London City Mission
Jason Roach, 20/11/2022
Living Hope #9 The church that Peter would love to see at MRC (download)
Ian Lancaster, 13/11/2022
Living Hope #8 How to suffer well (download)
Dan Steel, 06/11/2022
Living Hope #7 Remembering who you are and when you are (download)
Dan Steel, 30/10/2022
Living Hope #6 Hope that's obvious for all to see (download)
Phil Bailey, 23/10/2022
Living Hope #5 The Christian's relationship to human authorities (download)
Phil Bailey, 17/10/2022
Living Hope #4 A battle and a signpost (download)
This is an all-age talk in 2 parts
Dan Steel, 09/10/2022
Living Hope #3 The church: God's spiritual house (download)
Matt Hutchings, 02/10/2022
Living Hope #2 Live and love like God (download)
Matt Hutchings, 25/09/2022
Living Hope #1 A hope that can't be taken away (download)
Dan Steel, 18/09/2022
The Upper Room #9 God's love draws us in and pushes us out (download)
Dan Steel, 11/09/2022
The Upper Room #8 A critical prayer for a critical hour (download)
James, 04/09/2022

For earlier sermon recordings visit the Sermon Archive where sermon series can be found in Bible book order or search all sermon files by keyword, speaker or Bible passage