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Bible overview materials
Good News for All the Earth : Studies from the life of Abraham (2005)
Good News for all the earth : Abraham and the mission of God (2010)
Gideon and the God of the Underdog (2017)
God's Love Story (2007)
The Beatitudes of Samuel (2010)
The Boy who would be King (2009)
Building for the Future (2017)
God's Silent Sovereignty (2014)
For the love of God (2020)
God in the Psalms
Christmas in the Psalms (2019)
True Hope : The promises of Isaiah (2020)
The Day of the Lord is coming (2018)
The Danger of Dead Religion (2015)
The #CounterRevolution (2016)
Spending Christmas with the prophets (2017)
The Cross Looms Large (2018)
Be careful how you build (2017)
Donning the Mantle (2012)
Following a King who serves (2019)
Encounters with Jesus (2014)
Easter in Luke (2020)
Getting Ready for Christmas (2013)
God in the Flesh (2012)
The Church is not dead (2013-14)
Faithful : The Good News about God for everyone (2012-2013)
The Cruciality of the Cross (2008, 2009 and 2011)
Getting the Good News Right (2010)
Finding Joy in Lockdown (2020)
Free at Last (2005)
Gospel Legacy : Paul's second letter to Timothy (2014)
The Difference Jesus Makes (2010)
Evidence of Alien Life (2008)
Contending for the Faith (2018)
God wants to use YOU (2007)
Go Free! (2007)
The Bible and Politics (2010)
God's Big Society: The Communal Vision of the Bible (2011)
Easter in the Old Testament (2013)
Oxford Area Leadership Day 25th January 2014
7 Last Words of Jesus from the cross (2019)
Occasional sermons focusing on our vision
Global Grace (2020) Occasional sermons by international speakers
4 G's That Change Everything (2017)
A Gospel for the nations? (2018)
An occasional series considering contemporary questions (2015 - 2017)