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Bible overview materials
Origins: What the Bible says about life, the universe and everything (2009)
Good News for All the Earth : Studies from the life of Abraham (2005)
Good News for all the earth : Abraham and the mission of God (2010)
The Growth of a Man of God: Lessons from the life of Joseph (2008)
No Longer Slaves : The messages of Exodus (2006)
Paving the path home (2018)
Stories of people who haven't arrived yet (2016)
Our Faithful God (2017)
Gideon and the God of the Underdog (2017)
Hope through despair : The story of Ruth (2012)
God's Love Story : The story of Ruth (2007)
A King after God's Heart (2018)
The Beatitudes of Samuel (2010)
The Boy who would be King (2009)
Speaking for God when it's hard : The story of Elijah (2015)
History that brings hope (2019)
I will build My Church : Lessons from Ezra on kingdom growth (2013)
Building for the Future (2017)
God's Silent Sovereignty (2014)
For the love of God (2020)
Songs for the Real World: The authentic Christian life in the Psalms (2006)
Living with God : Psalms for the New Year (2011)
God in the Psalms (2020)
Real Songs : The highs and lows of living in the now (2014)
Christmas in the Psalms (2019)
How to Live Well (2013)
How to have a heart of wisdom (2018)
One Lord, One People, One Hope : The Message of Isaiah 56-66 (2008)
A Long Way East of Eden : Shame and hope from Isaiah (2004)
Learning to Wait : Advent in Isaiah (2015)
True Hope : The promises of Isaiah (2020)
Our God Reigns! : Living in a hostile world (2007)
Living away from home : Daniel in Exile (2017)
The Lion Roars : Studies in Amos (2005)
The Lion Roars : Amos (2019)
A Scandalous Grace : Lessons from the book of Jonah (2010)
Questioning Justice : The message of Habakkuk (2016)
The Day of the Lord is coming (2018)
I will Build My Church (2008)
The Danger of Dead Religion (2015)
The #CounterRevolution (2016)
Lord Teach us to Pray : The Lord's Prayer in Matthew (2016)
Responses to the Coming King (2014)
Spending Christmas with the prophets (2017)
The Cross Looms Large (2018)
Not to be Seen by Others : Living the authentic spiritual life (2016)
Be careful how you build (2017)
Donning the Mantle (2012)
Let Your Kingdom Come: Lessons from parables in Matthew 13 (2009)
The King has Come : The good news of Jesus told by Mark (2014/15)
Following a King who serves (2019)
The Revolution's Here : The message of Luke (2006)
The Road to Life : Luke's account of the Easter Story (2014)
Jesus on Parables (2019)
Easter in Luke (2020)
Getting Ready for Christmas (2013)
Encounters with Jesus (2014)
Responding to the Heart of God (2011)
Seven signs in John's Gospel (2016)
God in the Flesh (2012)
Knowing and Growing : Living a Fruitful Life for the Father (2015)
Revolutionary Lives in the book of Acts (2007)
The Power of the Gospel : Transforming Lives in the Book of Acts (2010)
The Making of a Global Church : Lessons from the life of the Apostle Paul (2005)
The Church is not dead (2013-14)
The New Kingdom of Jesus (2016)
Faithful : The Good News about God for everyone (2012-2013)
The Cruciality of the Cross (2008, 2009 and 2011)
A Spirit-filled Community : 1 Corinthians 12-14 (2009)
Made Alive (2019)
Getting the Good News Right (2010)
The local church is the hope of the world : Paul's letter to the church in Ephesus (2013)
Rejoice in the Lord: Paul's prison letter to the Philippians (2009)
Paul's Letter to the Philippians (2013)
Finding Joy in Lockdown (2020)
Free at Last (2005)
Jesus is bigger than you think : Colossians 1-4 (2017)
A Model Church (2007)
Living with Real Hope (2016)
Stand Firm and Hold Fast (2020)
Gospel Legacy : Paul's second letter to Timothy (2014)
Planting Healthy Churches (2016)
How to do Good : Paul's letter to Titus (2011)
The Difference Jesus Makes (2010)
Humble Confidence (2012)
So what is Faith? Answers from Hebrews 11 (2012)
Hungry : The dissatisfied joy of being a Christian in 1 Peter (2005)
Evidence of Alien Life (2008)
Living in a Foreign Land : Lessons from 1 Peter (2012)
Stay Safe : Warnings from 2 Peter (2019)
Stand Firm : Four words of advice from 2 Peter (2004)
Love is from God : Words of assurance from 1 John (2018)
Contending for the Faith (2018)
Revelation Letters : Jesus' message to the seven churches (2016)
God wants to use YOU (2007)
Go Free! (2007)
The Bible and Politics (2010)
God's Big Society: The Communal Vision of the Bible (2011)
Easter in the Old Testament (2013)
Pharisees Anonymous : Spotting the Pharisee inside (2013)
Oxford Area Leadership Day 25th January 2014
The Paradox of God's Kingdom (2014)
Living for God (2014)
7 Last Words of Jesus from the cross (2019)
So What is Prayer? : Lessons from the prayers of the Apostle Paul (2005)
Sin and how to solve it (2015)
Living in the light of the Cross (2012)
Made in His image (2016)
Occasional sermons focusing on our vision
Global Grace (2020) Occasional sermons by international speakers
4 G's That Change Everything (2017)
Jesus for the iGens? (2019)
Praying with Paul : Looking at the prayers of Paul (2017)
A Gospel for the nations? (2018)
Training Day for Oxford area FIEC Churches 2016
An occasional series considering contemporary questions (2015 - 2017)