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Magdalen Road Church is a community of people from many walks of life, a diverse family, with one thing in common: Jesus. We are amazed at his love. We are filled with hope by his plans for the world. And we know our need for his forgiveness, healing and transformative power in our lives.

You may have experienced church as something like a restaurant, where you show up and everything is served to you. That’s not Magdalen Road Church. We are more like a buffet at home with extended family and friends, where everyone's contribution is needed and valued, not just on Sundays, but throughout the week!

As a community, we long to be transformed by Jesus, as we grow to know him better. We want to live out his teaching and extend his love more fully to each other and the diverse peoples of East Oxford – as we’ve been doing for over 150 years. We aspire to be a truly international church, welcoming people from all walks of life. We know that our love for Jesus and our experience of the Christian life will be enriched by the voices and contributions of believers from different cultures and ethnicities.

No matter what your story is, we invite you to meet Jesus and experience Christian community here at Magdalen Road Church. Even if you've never been in church before, you can join one of our Sunday services. You won't be made to feel awkward or find yourself volunteered for things; you can just watch and listen as you get to know us. If you are new to Christianity or just investigating it, you may be interested in Christianity Explored. It’s a great opportunity to ask your questions, share your thoughts, or just sit back and listen in.

You can find out more about us on the following pages:
    » What is Christianity?
    » The church we want to be
    » What we believe
    » Our history

Contact hello@mrc-oxford.org to receive weekly news and updates about church life.

We support the following groups:
    » CAP (Christians Against Poverty)
    » Asylum Welcome
    » The Porch